12 Diet Applications to Help You Lose Weight, Let’s Try It!

For Moms who are losing weight, it seems that downloading a diet application can be something worth trying.Diet apps are very useful for counting calories, inviting you to exercise, and measuring your overall diet progress.Currently, there are many diet applications that Android and iPhone users can easily download.

1. Lose It!, Diet Application to Help Understand Nutrition

The Lose It! diet app is the right choice to help Moms run a healthy and proper diet program.

Starting from a healthy diet, studying the nutritional content in food, to being able to calculate the number of calories in the food you want to consume.

Moms can also get various healthy recipe recommendations here.

Not only that, this application can also be connected with sports applications such as Nike+ or RunKeeper.

This application allows Moms to connect with many people and share their respective weight loss plans.

2. Fat Secret, a Trusted Diet Application for Counting Calories

Moms who are on a calorie deficit diet must be familiar with the Fat Secret diet application .

This application is able to calculate the calories of the various foods that you consume.

It’s easy to use, so Moms won’t have any trouble controlling daily calories with Fat Secret.

Moms can also chat with other users while sharing recipes.

Diet will feel easier and more fun!

3. Lifesum, Has Complete Diet Tips

For Android users who want to lose weight, they can download Lifesum as an option.

This diet application is so easy, because Moms only need to tell the application how many kilograms of weight you want to lose.

Then afterwards, this application will help tell how many calories, protein and other things to consume.

Not only that, there are also other tips about diet.

4. Nike Training Club Diet App for Selected Sports Programs

As a sports brand, Nike doesn’t seem to want to be left behind in releasing a diet application that can help run a healthy diet.

This application provides Moms with guidance regarding exercise programs to lose weight.

Nike Training Club can also help you choose a 4-week workout or program for weight loss.

Google Fit is a fitness app that can track your exercise activity for free.

Google Fit can also connect with Android devices such as Android Wear smartwatches .

Google Fit will regularly monitor your weight loss.

In fact, the app can show your heart rate every day.

This diet application will allow Moms to exercise for 60 minutes a day even in a limited time.

6. 7 Minute Workout, Diet Application with Short Exercise Options

For moms who are busy and don’t have much time, the 7 Minute Workout diet application is the right choice.

This is because it can provide guidance on several exercises that can be done for 7 minutes.

As a result, this 7-minute exercise is truly effective for accelerating weight loss.

7. HASfit, Suitable for Home Workout Connoisseurs

Many people enjoy exercising at home more than going to the gym, maybe Moms is one of them.

Therefore the HASfit application is here to become a personal trainer for Moms at home.

There are 500 home workout options in this app, ranging from exercise for beginners, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), cardio, kickboxing , yoga, and many more.

Moms can also choose the most suitable exercise duration, from 3-60 minutes.

So there’s no more reason to be lazy at home!

8. Calorie Counter, Complete Calorie Counter Diet Application

There are more than 14 million food choices in the Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal diet application , so it will be easier for users to count food calories .

Not only that, Moms can also monitor the diet process, analyze nutrition, get a variety of healthy recipes, as well as join the community so they can motivate each other.

9. Noom Coach: Health & Wight, Help Implement Healthy Habits

This is not an ordinary diet application, because this Noom app adheres to the concept of an anti-diet application.

This app is made for Moms weight loss to be stable, by helping to create long-lasting healthy habits.

The features offered are various kinds of training programs created by doctors.

In addition, this app is also designed to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

Noom Coach provides a simple daily plan to follow.

Moms can also write down what they learn, and can get support from groups that have the same journey.

10. MyNetDiary Calorie Counter, Suitable for Diabetics

MyNetDiary will help Moms reach the desired weight within a certain time.

Just enter the target, then this diet application will provide an overview of your diet.

Besides achieving ideal body weight, this application is also suitable for diabetics.

Moms can enter data on blood sugar, heart rate, and insulin intake. 

11. Yazio Calorie Counter & Intermittent Fasting App, Set Fasting Hours when Dieting

Do you like the type of diet with fasting or intermittent fasting ?

Moms can consider the Yazio diet application.

This fasting diet app has more than twenty fasting plans. Moms will also find information about the body during fasting.

To make the body fitter, Yazio has a water tracker reminder. So, Moms’ daily water needs are still fulfilled.

Interestingly, Yazio offers mood and symptoms tracking in its premium access.

12. Fooducate, Provides Tips on a Diet According to the Type

As the name suggests, this diet application is made to educate Moms about healthy foods for a more beneficial diet.

Fooducate can also make a nutrition plan that is adjusted to what diet you are currently on.

Is it the keto diet , low carb , Atkins, and others.

Fooducate also features sleep, mood, and hunger tracking.

Come on, change your lifestyle for the better and be healthier with the help of these diet apps!

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