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Talking about stock investment, you will be met with various foreign terms, one of which is shareholder , which is also often interchanged with stakeholder . For those of you who are still new to this field, the Pintu team has summarized a complete explanation of what a shareholder is and how it differs from a stakeholder . Read more below!

What is meant by Shareholder

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Every company that has issued shares, both ordinary and preferred shares, certainly has what are called shareholders or shareholders. The definition of shareholder is an individual or institution that also has rights over the company through share ownership.

Shareholders or shareholders benefit from dividend payments made by the company and increase in share value thanks to the company’s performance. In addition, if the company experiences bankruptcy or liquidation, the shareholders also have rights to the company’s assets.

Contoh Shareholder

Based on this definition, shareholders in a broad sense can be interpreted as third parties who invest in the company and can be proven through share ownership. Who are the shareholders ? Various, ranging from individual investors, institutional institutions, holding companies, or even employees who own shares in the company where he works.

For example, if you decide to buy BBCA shares owned by PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk through the stock exchange, you will automatically become a shareholder of the company.

The Role of Shareholders for Businesses and Companies

When viewed from the side of the company, the most important function of the shareholder is to provide an injection of additional funds for company activities other than loans. Later, the additional funds will be used to finance the company’s operational and investment activities, for example purchasing fixed assets for production purposes, paying employee salaries, and others.

Meanwhile, from the shareholder side , the advantage of being a shareholder is to get a share of the profits earned by the company. Therefore, shareholders tend to be more interested in investing in companies with positive financial performance.

Types of Shareholders

Shareholders can be grouped into two groups based on the type of shares held, namely as follows:

  • Common shareholders or ordinary shareholders, namely the group of shareholders who have investment assets in the form of common shares issued by the company.
  • Preferred shareholders or preferred shareholders, namely a group of shareholders who have investment assets in the form of preferred shares issued by the company.

What Are Shareholder Rights ?

Then, what about the rights owned by a shareholder ? Here are some of them.

Dividend Payment
First, shareholders are entitled to dividend payments. The decision to distribute dividends is usually made by management based on the company’s financial performance in the current accounting period .

Policy Voting
Common shareholders have voting rights to appoint members of the board of directors and determine management policy directions in the future. Common shareholder opinion is usually collected from the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) held by the company’s management.

Certainty of Financial Statements
Third, shareholders also have the right to ensure that the financial statements presented by the company are supported by evidence of transactions that are accurate and free from misrepresentation of accounting principles . To ensure this, the shareholder has the authority to appoint an external auditor to conduct an audit of the company.

Company Assets
Finally, shareholders also have rights over the assets owned by the company if the company goes bankrupt or is liquidated. This is considered as a form of return on investment funds invested by shareholders in the company.

That’s a complete explanation of what a shareholder is, its function and who is a shareholder . I hope this information is helpful!

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