Garena Presents Football Themed Event at Free Fire

Garena has officially launched a global event titled Football Fable at Free Fire . This event started on November 30 2022 and ended on December 18 2022.

In this event, players will get a variety of new things, such as game modes, collection of items, to exclusive football-inspired content. One of the new items that will be present at this event is the Magenta Striker collection from the Potential brand.

There is a new Football Squad mode in Free Fire in this event. This mode will bring together two teams to try to be the best in the field.

Like a soccer game, each team will get points if they score goals against the opponent’s goal. Each player on the team will be equipped with different unique roles and skills.

Later, each team will have a special Football Shooter weapon that will help the team score goals. In this mode, players can strengthen their defense and attack power with various buffs and items that appear randomly in matches.

Free Fire players will also receive a new map with new modes and rules through the Craftland Free Fire Mode. Not only that, players can also design their own soccer jersey in the Dogdeball map in Free Fire Craftland.

During the event, the appearance of the Free Fire lobby was also changed with the theme of football festivities. Appearance changes can also be seen on Airships, Airdrops, planes, and other in-game items.

The peak of this event will be held on 10-11 December 2022 and 17-18 December 2022.

Players who regularly log in and complete all challenges throughout the event will get a number of attractive prizes, such as 100 percent Bonus Links, Pet Skins, and Incubator Vouchers.

Free Fire and JKT48 Collaboration, There’s an In-Game Event with Prizes for Exclusive Content and Items

On the other hand, Garena again announced the Free Fire collaboration with the idol group JKT48. Following the launch of the ‘Feel the Fire’ music video, there is now a special in-game event titled Free Fire x JKT48 which takes place from 4 to 20 November 2022.

Through this collaboration, Free Fire provides an opportunity for players to get to know 9 senbatsu of JKT48, namely Zee, Shani, Jinan, Gracia, Fiony, Feni, Christy, and Chika.

In the official statement received, Sunday (13/11/2022), players can also get senbatsu’s favorite items, from skins to bundle items in the Free Fire game.

Not only that, players can also get exclusive videos from the senbatsu if they can complete all the challenges in the FF x JKT48 event.

Present Exclusive Items

To get these exclusive items, players must complete various daily missions to collect in-game coins.

Later, these coins can be exchanged for JKT48 member tokens which represent 9 senbatsu. Then every time you get a JKT48 member token, Free Fire players can immediately exchange it for the senbatsu’s favorite items for free.

Every time you successfully complete a token, players can also get exclusive videos from each senbatsu. If you have obtained and claimed all the items from 9 token JKT48 members, players can get all the special videos from your favorite senbatsu.

Apart from completing missions and exchanging coins, players can also exchange JKT48 member tokens to complete their token collection. As a condition, Garena Free Fire players must have more than 1 token that they want to exchange.

Continuation of Free Fire and JKT48 Collaboration

Garena also presents additional special prizes that Free Fire players get during the Peak Day event on November 12 and 13 2022. During this period, players can get an exclusive token in the form of the JKT48 logo as one of the conditions for getting a special emote.

For information, this event is a continuation of Free Fire’s collaboration with JKT48. In this collaboration, the music video for the song Feel Fire was re-arranged and sung by JKT48.

The music video was first introduced to the public in the live streaming broadcast of the FFIM 2022 Grand Finals at the end of October 2022. The song ‘Feel the Fire’ itself was released in the 2022 Booyah Day series.

Apart from arranging and localizing the lyrics, the music video for ‘Feel the Fire’ also features JKT48 senbatsu. In the music video, senbatsu JKT48 appears as popular Free Fire characters, such as Kelly, Caroline, and Moco.

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